Not only Digital Signage

Full HD player and Html player optimized for Ubuntu.

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Our rule: Free

  • The best Linux software for DIGITAL SIGNAGE

    Play in full HD any content, use html or video templates, access by web on every device, no limitation of storage, ... and much more!

  • Video Content Management

    Create unlimited Schedule, works with hunderds of formats, Batch display status, Phone support, email, chat, system updates integrated, queu system avaliable, ..., and much more!

Easy to start

Just download our FREE version of IMAPLAYER, open on your ubuntu player, and access here with your email and password on our web CMS and select your favourite content to play. Make playlist, loops, schedule, for every day of the week.

  • The importance of desing

    We have the best professional templates. Buy great templates from our shop, and make professional presentations with no learning, just replace the placeholders with your content. Make vertical, horizontal or videowall presentations.

  • No need any knowledge

    You don´t need to learn anything to use IMAPLAYER, we just did it for you. You will see always on the top a button calls "help", you can look for anything there or just click on "chat" and ask us whatever you need.

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no just a digital signage software


Easy to manage the contents & Easy to install it.

360p, 720p, 1080p, 4K

No quality limits. We can play any content because we don´t play throw internet, we play the contents storaged on your players.

Monitoring everywhere

You can change, control or just monitoring your signs with your smartphone everywhere.

100% Intuitive 100% Sustaniable

You can not get lost on our plataform, because is no way else to go, you just can play and edit your programs and contents, is no need of anything else.

No big expenses

You can buy a cheap ubuntu player and gets a brilliant results. Ubuntu works really fine on tiny computers.Spend your money in just what you need, no extra charges.

12/7 Chat Support

Don´t worry if you get some troubles, we are here all week to help you, and remember it´s FREE.


Get our Content Management Services

A great team that is looking foward your signs every day, change your contents and send you reports.
Trusted by 100+ users
WorldWide Services
Week reports and analytics

The desing is in the air.


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