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WHAT IS IMA DS Our objective

IMA DS is your solution if you want to digitalize your business. We are specialistic in make dynamic spaces with audiovisual communication. We install screens and we generated contents for all type of spaces.

Do you want to give value to your brand? , Do you want to increase your sales?

In IMA DS we offer integral solutions for digital dynamic marketing , we created experiences, emotions… Do you dare with communication 3.0?


Graphical design, audio-visual postproduction, video optimization.

In MEDIA we make optimized videos to produce impact to your clients. We worked with the material that you provide to us, and we make the rigth content to your screens, we add our own graphical resources and we will make sure that it has an impact on the public.

Also we can beguin from 0. We have all the services of audiovisual production necessary to make your advertising with a fine and professional look, creative and adapted way to your public.


Configuration and system development.

We prepared the equipment to fit and cover all your needs. We looked for a balance between technology and the content.

Our objective is that your investment converts to profitable, that´s the reason for why we can install our software in any computer with a very minimun hardware capabilities.


Sale and rental of technology products.

We facilitated the purchase to you of screens, supports, computers and all the technology necessary to digitalize your business.

We have all type of brands and components, we adapted them to your necessities of communication. Our objective is to help you that your choose could be the most effective.


Management for brands.

We managed displays located in strategic sites, where public is segmented by geographic location, age and sex.

Our great value is that your public you go your advertising in the point of sale of your product, you will be surprised of the result. More than 1 million people they see our screens everyday.

We create circuits of communication for measurement, we design to fit them jointly with your investment to obtain the maximum result.

About our work

Our numbers

This project began in 2010 and since then we just grow. We left from raised prototypes of interaction for the commerce and of we have happened there to displays in the main airports of Spain. Let us create firmly in which the digitalis signage will revolutionize the advertising panorama in the streets and commerce and also we know clearly that we want to comprise of it. Here a study can be consulted that justifies our words ---->.

+6310000 audience
511 designs
862 videos
185 projects

Solutions In all our services, always you will obtain the maximum that we can give.


We analyzed and we measured your public, we collect tangible data of how many people have seen your screen, what sex had, age, etc. We analyzed the data and we looked for patterns.



We developed optimized interactive projects for selling products, the entertainment and the transmission of information.


Applied technologies

Here we developed very practical and amused applications, like olfactory marketing, games online, applications with NFC, digital illumination with sensors, etc.


MEDIA Content Management y Audiovisual Design

Content Manager

We managed content, we create according segmented to hour strips and objective public. The management allows to control of remote form what it is being emitted in each one of your screens, this allows to synchronize content, to make modifications in real time and to insert new elements when and how you want.

We managed your content from 54€/m

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We have integral solutions in the audio-visual area. Accomplishment, production and postproduction of video. In case you already have audio-visual material we optimized it for all the devices in which one is going away to emit. Our premise is the quality and we guaranteed to you that all your content fulfills this requirement basic.

Obtains your video from 60 €

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Screens for videowall

Great format

Screens of 1,5m

Displays special

Special formats


Dinamic devices

Small formats

Displays Built-in

Common formats

Screens 32 - 40"

Ultra HD

Screens up to 85"

Panel de LED

Led modules


These are some of the companies that trust us.


Unique aspects for the advertiser

Our technology allows inclusion of publicity right away in a global network of stores. Our network allows the insercción of publicity in thousands of direct points of sale of your product. Our systems of segmentation allow selection of publicitybased on the spectator. It allows to show publicity inhundreds of points simultaneously. idóneas para tu público. We used hour strips suitable for your public. We analyzed your hearing and we measured the real impact that it has had in your clients. Hub

Advantages for Retailers

The retailers will generate a new entrance of capital for their business through the emission of publicity of other marks in their showcases, that will derive in a direct sale of greater number of product in its commerce.

If you think that IMA DS can be interesting for your buisnness

Interactivity We created unique experiences with a great impact. The interactivity of great impact, allows to catch the attention of the public creating a dynamic publicity where the client modifies the content of the projection with his own movement.

You will be able to create games, actions of marketing and infinity of promotions that will surprise your clients constantly and who will make that Wendish more.

Sandal all type of actions, from a projection of a game of ball in the ground, to a dispensador of essences or a probador of virtual clothes. We only needed: A screen, a connection to Internet and a minicomputer. We did not need to adapt to marks, nor to concrete sizes, can construct until where the space us allow. Many routes of installation of the products of IMAproject exist, that allow to take advantage of a great amount elements which it has the business.

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